The best alternative to window replacement, period!

The costs of window film is much less than window replacement costs.

Window film is like a multi-tool for your windows. It produces amazing benefits at a fraction of the costs of replacing any window, along with the added performance and benefits.

Did you know that 42% of a homes’ heating and cooling costs is caused because of windows? With the rising costs of energy, you may be considering purchasing new windows for your home. However, it could save you lots of money to examine all the facts first and really determine if new windows would be a wise investment.

Some windows will be beyond their usable lifespan, such as windows that are deteriorating or rotted. However, some may still be in good shape and retrofitting a energy savings window film to your existing windows could save you thousands of dollars. The costs of energy savings window film can be one-fifth of window replacement costs. Along with the improved energy efficiency you will also benefit by:

  • Protecting your home against the sun’s harmful UV rays, limiting fade damage.
  • Have the possibility of limiting glare in bright areas of your home.
  • Add increased protection to your home in case of earthquake or other event.

So, what do you think of window film now?

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Residential window film helps to reduce heat and reduce glare making your home more comfortable. Along with those added benefits you save on energy and block UV rays making your home more efficient and safer.

What else can window film do?

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