Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Window Film Installation


Vacaville, CA – Kaiser needed an immediate solution to the harmful sun that was damaging the interior of their brand new hospital facility. After only a few months the sun had already caused the flooring to fade anddistort from the daily abuse it received from the sun.

Since this facility was new it had new dual-pane Low-E windows but heat and fading was still an issue. Kaiser also did not want to change the look of the building, we suggested a virtually clear window film that not only reduces the sun’s harmful UV rays but also reduce the amount of heat entering the building’s envelope, creating a more efficient and comfortable environment.

We had to deal with special requirements, one being able to complete the installation with littler interruption to staff, patients and other operations. The second was making sure no harsh chemicals or smells where introduce into the building’s environment. ClimatePro was able to accommodate both request, with our detailed installation schedules and diligent hard working installation crews, we completed the project in only a week. Also, since nothing but a water solution is used to activate the window film’s adhesive no issues arose with chemical sensitivities.


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