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San Jose has the perfect climate for window film. No doubt you’re searching for a solution because you have excessive heat, glare or fade damage from the sun shining through your windows. 3M window film helps eliminate issues caused by the sun by filtering the sun’s powerful rays not blocking them.

Typically when homeowners think of window film they think dark and reflective window tint as seen on automobiles. That’s not the the case with 3M window films, these films has been created specifically to have very little reflection and limited effect on the room’s light level.

We offer the following services in the San Jose area:

  • Home Window Tinting, large or small
  • Commercial Building and Small Business Window Tinting
  • UV & Fade Protection Window Film
  • Window Tinting Utility Rebates & Energy Studies
  • Decorated Etched Window Film & Graphics
  • Safety and Security Window Films and Systems
  • Building Energy Reduction Simulations
  • Anti-Graffiti Window Films
  • Graffiti Site Audits
  • Glass Restoration & Scratch Removal

Authorized 3M Window Film Installer

ClimatePro is licensed and authorized to sell all 3M window film San Jose . We have access to the entire line of 3M window film products. We have had the opportunity to complete thousands of residential and commercial in the San Francisco and South Bay Area. We’re are honored to be able to have such a wonderful area to work with amazing customers.

Recently completed jobs.

San Jose Hyatt Window Film Installation

Recently in 2014, ClimatePro completed the installation of 3M Night Vision 15 at Hyatt Regency in San Jose across from the new Levi’s 49ers stadium in Santa Clara. The owners and the facilities manager had the difficult challenge of dealing with the heat entering guest rooms from the sun in the afternoons. Even with window coverings and tinted glass the sun’s intense heat would still make the guest rooms unbearable and have too much glare. Not to mention the high utility bills during hotter months to run the A/C in each guest room.

After extensive energy analysis to determine the value of installing window film ClimatePro was the selected vendor. We worked on a tight schedule to install window film in guest rooms while they were empty to ensure no disruption to the hotels guest or staff. ClimatePro  had a total of 1,578 windows to treat with 3M window film, a total of almost 27,000 square feet. The project was completed within a 5 week timeline.

City of San Jose Anti-Graffiti

ClimatePro was selected to be the anti-graffiti window film provider for The City of San Jose. From 2012 to 2015 we maintained and repaired various locations throughout the city along with various solar control projects where too much sunlight was causing glare or excessive heat gain. The City of San Jose uses 3M Anti-Graffiti to protect various properties and the glass from vandalism. The clear anti-graffiti film provides an invisible layer of protection that vandals can scratch, paint, crave and gouge but when the window film is replaced the glass remains undamaged.

Campbell Historical Museum & Ainsley House

Ainsley house is a restored english building that has been transferred into a wonderful museum. Located in Campbell, CA the home has been been moved from its original location on Bascom Avenue to its current location in Downtown Campbell. It has been restored to its original appearance of the 1920 both inside and outside. Due to the historical value of the Ainsley house 3M window film has been selected to protect the interior from UV fade damage. In the early 1990’s almost 25 years ago window film was installed when the house was moved to its new location and restored. Over that 25 years the current installed window film has come to the end of its life-cycle and was in need of replacement. ClimatePro was contacted and consulted with, 3M prestige 70 was selected to replace the old existing window film.

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