Create comfortable, glare-free
spaces with ClimatePro.


Anti-glare window film gives you clarity without the eye strain.

With anti-glare window film, you can say goodbye to squinting! From reading your favorite book, watching television or using your smartphone, our window films reduce glare and create a more comfortable environment.

Heat & Glare Reduction - Window Film, ClimatePro
Heat & Glare Reduction with Window Film, ClimatePro

Reduce heating and cooling costs with anti-glare window film. Anti-glare window film helps you to reduce the amount of energy used to keep your space comfortable year-round.

Lose the glare and keep the sunlight - ClimatePro

Lose the glare and keep the sunlight. Our heat & glare reduction window film reduces the sun’s glare without reducing natural light.

Heat & Glare Reduction - ClimatePro

Anti-glare window film reduces the harmful effect of UVA radiation, which is good news for your eyes, skin, and furnishings. Reducing up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA rays is an incredible benefit for you and your family.

Uncompromising benefits.

3M™ Window Films helps you control excessive sunlight and the benefits are clear to see. Enjoy reading without eye strain, working without squinting at the computer screen and watching TV without annoying glare.
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Enjoy the benefits - Heat & Glare Reduction - ClimatePro

Enjoy the benefits of anti-glare window film.

With a variety of colors and opacity levels, anti-glare window film offers you protection and choice. The ClimatePro team is ready to help you select the right film for your home or offic

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