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Our innovative 3M window film products are the simplest, most efficient way to improve any window in your home, office or commercial building. We offer 100% satisfaction with all our window film installation services. Our goal is to help you discover the best window film for your home or office.

The ClimatePro team have been serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area for 40 years and we can’t wait to bring our award winning 3M window films and customer service to you. We’re here to answer all of your questions.

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--> About 3M Window Film With award-winning designs and energy-saving options, 3M has been offering innovative window film solutions for over 50 years. In fact, 3M holds the original patent for sun protective window film in 1966. Whether you are looking for UV protection or energy conservation, 3M offers window films that can dramatically alter your interior spaces, whether it's for the home or the office.
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  • 3M window films can dramatically alter interior spaces in homes and offices
Some of our favorite privacy and security window film products are the Prestige series. We've used the Prestige series for both our residential and commercial customers with stunning success. It's amazing to see what an impact it has had on the energy bills and general comfort level of the homes and offices we've installed it in. We'd love to show you just how well these 3M window films have worked for our customers. Be sure to ask about the 3M Prestige series and the rest of the 3M Window Film options when you talk to your ClimatePro representative.