Solar Screens vs Window Film

The superiority of window film over solar screens.

What is the difference between solar screens and window film? Solar sun screens are fabric mounted on a frame attached to your home or building. In theory, solar sun screens serve the same purpose as window film: to block solar heat and block harmful UV rays.

The dense mesh material used in solar sun screens affect the appearance of your home or building and they also affect your view from the inside. Depending on how dense the solar screen material is, they can affect airflow when the window is opened. Solar screens tend to collect dirt and bugs and need to be cleaned regularly.

Just like solar screens, window film blocks solar heat which helps save energy and stops 99.9% of UV rays. Window film can also reduce annoying glare, while maintaining a crystal clear view to the outside. 3M Prestige Window Films are virtually clear and are less reflective than glass itself, keeping the appearance of your home the same, both inside and out. Learn more facts about window film here.

Solar Sun Screens

  • Mount outside your home, changing the appearance.
  • Block the visibility through your windows.
  • Deteriorate over a short time period.
  • Do not block all the UV rays.
  • Collect dirt and bugs and restrict airflow.

Window Films

  • Block 99.9% of UV rays.
  • Crystal clear view outside.
  • Undetectable clear window film.
  • Blocks the sun’s heat and saves energy.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Residential window film helps to reduce heat and reduce glare making your home more comfortable. Along with those added benefits you save on energy and block UV rays making your home more efficient and safer.

What else can window film do?

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