Warranty & Durability

One of the most commonly asked questions about window film is how long it will last. Professionally installed window films come with manufacturer backed warranties. The warranties provided varies between manufacturer and, even though two different manufacturers may appear to have the same warranty, it is important to learn about the companies history in honoring those warranties. Most commonly window film warranties guarantee that window film will maintain the following;
  • Maintain Solar Reflective Properties without cracking, crazing or peeling.
  • Maintain Adhesion Properties without blistering, bubbling or delamination from the glass.
  • Maintain Appearance without discoloration.

Warranty Duration

Window film warranties depend on the application.
  • Residential Installations come with Lifetime Warranties, as long as the original owner owns the home. (3M Residential Sample Warranty)
  • Commercial Installations come with 6-15 Year Warranty depending on what kind of window film is installed. (3M Commercial Sample Warranty)

Window Film Durability

Window film is extremely durable. After all, it has to withstand constant abuse from the sun, day in and day out. This is not to say that eventually all window film will not fail, it will eventually corrode and need replacing. The life-span is long and we at ClimatePro™ have seen residential installations that are approaching 20 years from the original installation date. Only a few windows from these installations needed replacing under warranty. Window film also comes with a scratch resistant clear coating of the top surface, protecting the window film scratches over the years.

Residential window film helps to reduce heat and reduce glare making your home more comfortable. Along with those added benefits you save on energy and block UV rays making your home more efficient and safer.

What else can window film do?

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