An outstanding form of protection.

Crimsafe’s unique Screw-Clamp™ technology means that the mesh is securely screwed into the frame and clamped down with a vise-like grip. This makes Crimsafe much stronger that products using a plastic wedge to hold the mesh in place.

When hit by an impact like a kick, Crimsafe products spread the load around the whole frame and back into the structure of the building. This means Crimsafe can resist enormous impacts compared to competing products. Their plastic wedging system only localize the impact, making them relatively easy to kick out.

Our mesh is made out of 0.9mm diameter 304 structural grade wire strands and is woven together so tightly that each strand supports the others around it. The specifications pertaining to the products we supply are our target specifications. The actual specifications for items supplied may differ taking into account reasonable manufacturing tolerances.


The Crimsafe Difference


Tensile-Tuff® mesh

At 0.9mm in diameter, Crimsafe’s 304 grade tensile stainless steel mesh is up to 26% thicker than most other mesh products on the market, making it harder to cut or penetrate..


Screw-Clamp™ technology

The mechanical fastening of Crimsafe screw-clamps to the mesh resist the tendency of the mesh to be pulled out of the frame. This is what gives Crimsafe the strength to withstand enormous forces and impacts.


Tamper resistant screws

Twice as many tamper-resistant screws as our regular product, fastening the mesh to the frame at more frequent intervals. A clip-on cover then creates a sealed chamber that conceals and further protects the screws.

Security and Comfort Together

One of the greatest benefits of Crimsafe is the ability to enjoy a breeze and fresh air, without compromising your security. Crimsafe allows you to leave windows open while you are at home, making the most of natural light and fresh air, with the comfort of knowing you and your family are safe from unwanted intruders.


Custom Designed Security

When you choose Crimsafe window security screens, you can be assured of a range of options to suit your needs. We custom build to make sure that the windows and doors you get match your home perfectly, and our range of flexible framing options means that you can apply Crimsafe security screens to any size or type of window opening.