Transparency and Confidentiality

Casper cloaking film ensures data privacy while providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely.

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It’s the Perfect Confidentiality Cloak

CasperTM Cloaking Technology by Designtex, a Steelcase company, is an ingenious new architectural film for glass walls. It obscures digital screens to outside view.

Anyone looking into the room from the outside sees just a black screen, while everyone in the room can work freely with peace of mind.

Recommended for conference rooms, meeting rooms and team studios. It is engineered to work with most LED displays, 40 inches or larger.

Casper Cloaking Film

Privacy in plain sight, now there’s an idea.

And it’s going to change the way office space is designed.

Casper Cloaking Image

If you wanted to protect your data, you had to compromise. Until Now

Cloak it with Casper, then customize.

Add to the outside of your glass for a customized look and feel.


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