Can Window Film Protect You During an Earthquake?


Window Film, like the 3M Safety Series, offers many benefits and can be an additional layer of protection during an earthquake. The primary benefit is that window film holds glass in its frame. This unique feature of window film means that:

  1. Window film reduces the risk of falling glass
  2. Window film can act as a barrier of protection from the elements

In areas where there is increased seismic activity, window film offers a level of protection and security that makes it a worthwhile investment. Because of this, after one major earthquake, sales of protective window film dramatically increased. When an earthquake happens, safety is a primary concern. Building occupants want the security of knowing that there are layers of protection.

For instance, during an earthquake, window film holds glass securely in the window frame. This offers two benefits. First, by preventing the glass from shattering, window film reduces the risk of falling glass. It also decreases the risk of walking on broken glass shards. Secondly, window film allows glass, even when shattered, to act as a barrier from rain and wind. This benefit becomes especially important during significant seismic events where rescue is delayed.

In short, window film reduces the risk of falling glass shards and helps your windows to remain a glass barrier of protection during an earthquake. Ready to add this layer of protection to your home or office? Get started here.


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